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Welcome to Marlo Franson for City Hall - Platform on Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture plan 2018

I have heard and received many emails on Arts & Culture with a question of asking me to help make it a priority. I can say that I will do what I can to get new community festival going, to ensure funding is committed in schools, and to hire artists ourselves.

The city has a diverse group of people who we all want to keep but with high rents and low incomes it is very tough on the Artist. I want to work with the Arts & Culture, to ensure it is out there in the schools. I want to create more community oriented festivals featuring artists of all types, who can sell their stuff. I love to see a new entertainment district in South Vancouver that has Arts Theme and venues. I want to hire local Artists to paint murals in town, and create our own city clothing with local Artists designs and images. It is important for the City to Work with Artists to make sure we know who is in our City.

Check out more on Marlo Franson by visiting the links on the menu. If you wish to vote for me then head out October 20th Election Day!

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