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Welcome to Marlo Franson on the Housing. Thoughts on the Housing Solutions in Vancouver!

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Welcome to Marlo Franson for City Hall - Platform on Housing

Housing Plan 2018

Affordable Housing is the Key to this city's survival and prosperity. We need to keep young talent & families in this city, so they can work and contribute to making Vancouver beautiful. If we have minimum wage jobs we need to make sure those who make little live affordable.

The introduction of AirBNB and other services, the foreign buying of our homes, the empty homes, and the sky rocketing rent has changed this city into a: "too hard to live city". We need to freeze rents for low income, we need to build affordable homes and rental units, we need to fast track these developments, not forgetting community centers. We need to save East Side from gentrification, we have to make homes for the workers who need a start that is affordable to them.

I think I can offer a loud voice in City Hall for common sense Housing development. I have an idea to create package development, that an affordable housing projects needs to be built before you can do your other housing project. This way we offer incentives to do this work and create a longer building package for the developer keeping many people employed for years. I plan on fast tracking affordable housing or low income residences over other development projects that are not yet started the process. We will push out a 1 year action plan for the next 4 years on affordable housing so people will keep up-to-date on what is happening.

Rest assured this will be a great time to work on this as it is the biggest thing on the campaign trail. Mind you this is again an issue so I promise to take care of this so it won't be an issue 4 years from now.

More to Come (action list)

Check out more on Marlo Franson by visiting the links on the menu. If you wish to vote for me then head out October 20th Election Day!

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