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Welcome to Marlo Franson for City Hall - 2018

Welcome to Marlo Franson Biography!

Marlo Franson was born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan, where I attended many schools such as Dr. George Ferguson, Balfour Collegiate, and graduated from Campbell Collegiate. In 1989 I attended University of Saskatchewan and in 1994 graduated with a BA in Psychology, and minored in Criminology. In 1986 I came out to Expo 86 and when I saw how beautiful this city was I knew I was gonna move here. I joined the Navy Reserve while attending UofS to get to know Vancouver and the Island better before I choose to move out permentately.

I did spend one year in Whistler BC, but loved Vancouver too much and moved back after one year on the nose from when I left Vancouver. I have been here every since and worked a variety of jobs in my 20's till the internet came along and intrigued me to go back school at UBC to learn more. I struggled to operate an online company and after a decade of misfortunes, I started working as a Bartender. Years before I began as a stand up comic and started running comedy shows, this was a great venture and I did successfully operate my own comedy club for a few years. At the age of 42 I found I had overworked myself again, unlike the online world where I tired my brain out by staring at the screen for a decade, this time I was exhausted. So over the past years I have looked for work that would take less energy from me and as my young do everything body and mind had gotten older.

I have spent the last 5 years working less and enjoying life, doing some acting and extra work, bartending and delivering. Recently, the City of Vancouver decided to have a 101 for running for City Hall and I took that course. I have been involved in at home politics all my life with parents who taught me a lot. This lead to me thinking about running but never putting myself forward till this year. Now I am the No.1 candidate on the ballot and will be attempting to get to know people of Vancouver before Oct. 20. Hopefully I can update this Bio that I am a city Councillor.

Check out more on Marlo Franson by visiting the links on the menu. If you wish to vote for me then head out October 20th Election Day!

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