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Welcome to Marlo Franson for City Hall - Platform 2018

City Hall Platform Plan 2018.

My Plan is to go into City Hall and start introducing my initiatives that will begin solving some of the problems this city faces. There are solutions and when well written, to the point policies are created we can start moving forward easily. Time to clean up City Hall.

I find some of these policies are too long or take too long to put through. I want to introduce short straight to the point policies that have step by step voting, part 1, part 2 etc. This will allow quick debate and a move forward one thing at a time in City Hall. I will work to freeze rents, fast track affordable housing developments, report on crime, create new departments that will generate revenue and more. I hear of the issues everyday that need to be addressed at City Hall. It's time you put someone who will get things done and is open to you the public to get on the issues. That is me. I am prepared to do the research to fix this city like we want it.

Thank You.

Check out more on Marlo Franson by visiting the links on the menu. If you wish to vote for me then head out October 20th Election Day!

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