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Oct 12, 2018: 2nd to last Friday is here, I put up my sign, picture posted soon, and completed a ton of survey's a few days ago. Inbox has more survey's to complete and I am off to the meet and greet on Monday night but not apart of the group invited (too full :( ). I will be at the Mayor Debate on Wednesday morning and continuing my online push. You might get a call from me or a helper next week. The recent article below gives hope to us independents, because sometimes party candidates are clueless and are not running for their know how or experience. So maybe the voters this year will be smart and vote for people like me who are qualified and not a puppet to the party and not ready to run Vancouver.

Sept 30, 2018: Had a good time Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House, got to introduce myself and speak on transporation. I listened and wrote down what the important issues where. To me I heard daycare and transporation Sept 26, 2018: Completed the outline for my website, now to add election information for my vancouverites. I am excited to finally put together my platform for the public and hopefully the next few days will be a great step forward for my candidacy.


Vanramblings has a couple great articles on this years Vancouver Election posted by Raymond Tomlin. Though I am mentioned as an unknown, it only makes me wanna get out there to get known. Good read though for more analysis on the Race to City Hall.
Half of Vancouver's voters are considering an independent candidate
Vancouver Votes 2018 | The Randomized Ballot | Mayor's Race
Vancouver Votes 2018 | Randomized Council Ballot | 71 names

Here's the order of names on the Vancouver election ballot.

The Georgia Straight Brings you the List for who's name will appear on the ballot. You will see, I, Marlo Franson am listed No.1 Spot on the city Vancouver Ballot. Click here to read the article: Georgia Straight Election Vancouver Ballot List.

Bingo! City of Vancouver holds draw to randomize names on election ballot

Global news makes fun of the random draw lottery for who;s name will appear on the ballot with Bingo humour. Needless to say I pulled No.1 Click here to read the article: Global News Election Vancouver Ballot List.

Vancouver civic election: 158 candidates file for 27 local government positions

When you wanted to find who got on the ballot.Voice Online was the first online website to post it. Click here to read the article: Voice Online Election Vancouver Ballot List.

Check out more on Marlo Franson by visiting the links on the menu. If you wish to vote for me then head out October 20th Election Day!

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